“Ball park” appraisals are available for free:

  • at shows
  • in person
  • over the phone
  • through email.

If you have something you would like to get an idea what it might be worth please contact us and send us images, we cannot make a valuation without images.

We also offer written appraisals for either fair maker value, or for insurance purposes. Our fees vary depending on the amount of time and research needed to accurately valuate the collection, please contact us for more information.

For someone who possibly inherited or acquired coins and don’t know much, or anything about them, general advice is to organize them by denomination and or type. This will save the appraiser time, and you money.


At times we able to help you with any research question you may have, we are happy to look through our business library for no cost. We are especially interested if you are doing research on Lesher Dollars, Clark Gruber & Co., Zebulon Pike, or early Denver bankers. If your research project requires more time and resources are fees vary depending on the amount of time and effort needed.